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Quest Writers Program:

HealthFit is going national and we are inviting quest writers from all around the country to participate in our weekly blog and share your expertise nationally and locally. HealthFit is distributed free to subscribers. Our purpose is to educate, encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle. 

Health and Fitness professionals are invited to write short articles and share their knowledge and expertise in their field while helping others. Quest writers can then share on social media or direct emails to prospective clients, or include on your own websites. If you’re looking for work, you can include it on your resume. We encourage our writers to provide a short profile of who you are, what you do and where you are from and your contact information.


We will be creating a HealthFit Directory starting with our writers. Our next step will be building our directory. Our guest writers will get free listings. We don’t know what our price for listings will be yet, but our guest writers will be given the opportunity to promote HealthFit to other professionals and sell listings and receive a commission.


We are looking for articles on diet and nutrition, fitness, wellness, healthy lifestyles, healthy environments, personal interest stories, benefits of having a personal trainer or a coach. We have a personal interest in creating local support groups and getting people outdoors, walking, hiking, running. Our ultimate goal is to create HealthFit Communities across the country where people can share and support each other. We encourage people to diet and work out together. Consider this in your articles.


Please refrain from direct selling. We will be creating an online store where we will be selling products talked about in articles. If you have a product to sell, tell us about it. There may be business opportunities available. Quest Writers will be the first to know.  

We encourage health and fitness professionals in these communities to work with and support each other and support and promote HealthFit groups in your area. By forming and supporting HealthFit Communities, you will be promoting yourself to potential clients. 

Submit articles, stories, tips, comments, suggestions, ideas and anything you think is relevant to promoting health, fitness and wellness to

HealthFit is a free publication promoting a healthy lifestyle. Health Professionals are invited to write  short articles that you can use to promote yourself. Your profile will be displayed  with your article. HeathFit Writers profiles will appear in our directory as a free listing. Once established, we will offer our writers the opportunity to sell directory listings to other professionals and be paid a commission. We will have other business opportunities available soon. Our writers will be the first to be offered opportunities. 

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